Episode 005: Why I call My Studio “42 Tardis Way”

March 24, 2017

I'll be covering several topics in today's episode:

  • How did I get that name
  • A podcast I just discovered that I love
  • Upcoming guest
  • Tech tip for today
  • Geek Fuel
  • Tall guys' geek shirt fix


42 Tardis Way

This podcast in general will talk about tech, sci-fi, space news, UFO's, unique geek issues, and more. We'll also discuss diferences between the West Coast (So-Cal) and the Great Lakes region of the Midwest. The Universe is vast. So will be our discussions.

Thank you for listening.


Episode 004: Special Episode - Singing Wire Web Design WP-Cast Archive 01 - Core Design Philosophy

March 21, 2017

I recently discontinued a podcast I was calling "Wordpresscast." I felt that the name was stepping on the toes of the actual Wordpress organization a little too much, and voluntarily took the podcast down. There are three episodes that I'm bringing over here to Midwestern Geek In Cali in order to preserve the content for previous WP-Cast listeners. This is the first of those three. It's early in my podcasting, and the audio is so-so. However, it's entitled "Core Design Philosophy," and it speaks to my approach when building a client's web presence out.

Thank you for listening.



Episode 003: I Got A New Headset, And Welcome To 42 Tardis Way

March 20, 2017

A brief discussion about my new recording equipment, and why I call my recording studio "42 Tardis Way." Also a little talk about space and tech news, and some plans for the future of the show.

Courtesy of Singing Wire Web Design - www.singingwire.net


Episode 002: So You’re Thinking About Getting A Website…

March 17, 2017

Things to consider when you're getting a website - listen to this BEFORE you buy a domain name or hosting package! You may save yourself a lot of headaches later on!

Thank you for listening!


Mar 15, 2017 22:36 About Me

March 16, 2017

Who I am, what I know, some of my geek cred...well, a lot of my geek cred, actually.